Look at this. A peek in the house of Charlotte Gainsbourg. I was fascinated by the picture of her handwriting. It looks so cute, so french. I wish I could write French like she does.
P.S I found this picture on tfs, when you go there look at the pictures with her children. They look like Yvan(her husband), really cute to see her with them haha. It also shows that she is really normal and why she is just a great woman.
Discovered today, a song I never heard from her: Charlotte Gainsbourg -L'un part l'autre reste
Chloé flats. Isn't that what a girl wants?
Picture by Caroline, she has them! So jealous


Edita Vilkeviciute

From Stockholmstreetstyle. It's too bad that we can't really see the whole outfit , like the shoes and the bag.
But her appearance is just lovely and I love that coat.


I always liked this picture. Sofia has something special.