Bon soir Mademoiselle

Yesterday I was still in Paris and now I'm already back home looking at pictures from the wonderful trip. Paris is just one of the most inspiring city's in the world. A few highlights: Musée Eugene Delacroix, Jardin du Luxembourg et Saint-Germain de Prés. At first (before I actually was in Paris) I didn't want to go shopping because I already had buyed a lot during my summer vacation.But I just couldn't resist. So I think I can add something more to the list: The chloé- and repetto boutique, my new pair of heels and all the people who gave me this great inspiration for fall. Maybe I will post some pictures in my next post. Au revoir


The jeans

I'm off to Paris!



natasha poly in Vogue Paris July 07.
source: she is the Queen


Just for fun

Elisa Sednaoui. I love the way she looks in these photos! She looks serious in a funny way. Haha that sounds stupid.
These pictures are from the turnover fall collection. They use beautiful materials in the new collection. The black dress is perfect to wear(although the belt looks awful). I would like to wear the dress with flats or something. And what about that great cardigan? Looks lovely don't you think?
(source: TFS et turnover.com)