I've been feeling very uninspired lately, all I'm doing is schoolwork so I don't really have a chance to find some new interesting things to post on this blog. But..
It's a good thing you can always go back to the classics, which is why I thought, I had to post these pictures from lagarconne. They give me the feeling that I don't need super fantastic things to look good everyday. The simple things, they make it.



A little editorial I found in a one year old ELLE magazine made me remember why a few strong pieces can make a big impact on your style and that sadly these pieces are very hard to find. Because every potential garment goes through a personal screening test before buying, the only piece(where I'm satisfied of) is the boy blazer.

But I do have my eye on a white blouse and slouchy pair of trousers so who knows.

*what do you think of a denim blouse? I like the diversity of it, casual or chic.