Bonne Année


I wish all of you a lovely, healthy and happy new year!



(Zara skirt-pants-shoes, repetto flats, vanessa bruno blouse)

After all those years we finally have a white christmas. And now we finally have this white christmas, we can barely go outside. It is impossible to go to work, to travel. So now I'm obliged to stay at home. I spend my time watching movies, doing some homework and cleaning out my closet. I focus on the the things I want to save for. And maybe the weather will allow me to go to the COS sale to find some good basics for a friendly price. My List:
- a good skirt
- a pair of pants
- a blouse
- shoes, maybe some boots or brogues
- repetto flats. And a new bag, which is still impossible to find.

I wish all of you a Merry Christmas!


Fabrics for every day

take three simple pieces, with three different fabrics and voilà: you create an interesting look. This look also reminds me of the perfect shirt, (which I still haven't found)
combine good knit wear with some well made pants and une veste en velours for a chic look.

a really light fabric gives Clémence a soft touch.

images( zara, Elle France,TFS)
After two very busy weeks, I finally have some time to work on my blog.
In those two weeks, I had been very inspired by fabrics. I love the idea that fabrics can make a major impact on the feel you want to express with your clothes. It's amazing that one specific fabric can change or create a look.
Extra: Interview with Lucas Ossendrijver, the importance of fabric:
Scott Schuman: Before a show, how nervous are you that you’ve made the right decisions?
Lucas Ossendrijver: I’m somebody who doubts quite a lot. In the beginning of a season, I follow a certain intuition. For me, that’s the only thing I really trust. I start with a feeling, I start with an emotion; I have this dream in my head that I start to visualize and it’s all about communication. Whether it’s the team who works with me or whether it’s a fabric manufacturer, I try to explain what I want. With fabrics, for me, I really have to see them, I have to touch them and then I know whether they’re right or not.

SS: So you always start with fabric?
LO: Yes, and then I want to make the fabric speak. You have to find the right colours. Every fabric has its own colour and they’re all different. There’s never the same navy for every fabric. There are always tonal differences, which I think makes colour much richer in the end.

SS: Your colours are incredibly interesting and you don’t do typical colour combinations. I watch your runway shows and think, “Oh, wow, that’s great.” So it’s fabric, then colour?
LO: Then the shape at the same time, actually. It’s a bit like cooking: you have all of these ingredients and you sort of intuitively find the right way to make them work.
SS: Do you find that more freeing – that you can change from season to season because you don’t have one subscribed muse?
LO: I think it’s about men in general and what they need. Sometimes people need to wear a suit, sometimes people need to wear a warm winter coat. It’s about finding solutions that are individual – not standard.
(the sartorialist)
I couldn't more agree.



If you haven't made your Holiday wish list yet, here is some great inspiration from Garance Doré. Of course she put together the most perfect list ever.
1. Personalized stationary from Smithson: I am trying to write more letters.
2. A new diary.
3. Dinner with all my family together: It's difficult as we're all in different places. I would love to have us all be together for just one night.
4. A year of massage/spa treatment: amazing!
5. A ring by Gaia Repossi
6. A vintage Kelly bag — in red.

And of course I made also a little list for myself:
1. A bag(previous post)
2. A new cardigan, something like this:
3. A nice dinner with my family, and finally be able to hang out with friends. After all the schoolwork I had to do.

source: harper's bazaar


Straight from the Shoulder

The last couple of months I've been searching for the perfect bag. But to find the perfect bag is a hard job. Lots of bags aren't practical at all, or the price is too high for a student like me. I like these too bags from Zara, they go with everything, but then again the problem is that the quality isn't good at all, for a price that is high for Zara. I was wondering, in Paris I see le cabas from Vanessa Bruno all the time. It is the right size, the quality seems good and it looks nice. But what do you think, as my readers with a good sense of style, of the bag? I just don't know what to think of it. I need a second opinion. (Lately I look at any kinds of bags, so that might explain this curiosity)


Pretty in blue

The jacket+ some great inspiration. I never knew dark blue could look that great.
(excuse me, the quality of the photo isn't really good. It is much darker in real.)


Clean line

The Bérangère Clair Collection is filled with simple clothing pieces, that go with almost everything.

Minimal black: Celebrate the comeback of simplicity with clean, sharp shaped pieces. Soft volumes and all in black outfits create a message focused in shape and construction.

(source: Tumblr, Zara, Bérangère Claire)

I'm finally back to 'normal' again after a week of misery. I've been very ill, also in Paris. So the trip didn't end up that great but I survived haha.

Yesterday I bought a new jacket. I saw this very nice jacket(Isabel Marant/Chanel style) at esprit but I doubted about the colour and the price. It was in dark blue and first I wanted it in black, which they didn't have, but I thought: this jacket can look great with the right (simple) colours. It looks great in combination with black trousers and a white blouse. So today I already wore my dream outfit haha.

Maybe I will post a picture of the jacket soon. X



Thank you Mara from Daughter of Soho riots for giving me the I love your blog prize! You are one of my favourite blogs too!

The rules of the prize are:
- Do an entry with the prize.
- Answer the questions.
- Give the prize to 10 blogs.

1. Why did you create the blog?
Because I wanted a place where I could collect all of my favourite images and share it with others.

2. What kind of blogs do you follow?
I usually go back to the blogs with the most interesting images. But I also like to read about travel experiences.

3. Favorite makeup brand? Clinique for skincare, Dior for Nailpolish.
4. Favorite clothing brand? Cos, Jil Sander, Zara, Comptoir des Cotonniers.
5. Your indispensable makeup product: I'm not in to make- up at all so i think I have to say the Clinique Skin care line.
6. Your favorite color: Dark blue
7. Your perfume: Chloé
8. Your favorite film: Forgive me because I don't know a lot about movies but I think my favourite is The Duchess, because of the amazing chemistry Keira has with Mr Grey and for the amazing soundtrack.
9. What country would you like to visit and why? Canada because of the beautiful nature.
10. Make the last question and answer to yourself:
What is your favorite book: Richard Leeman- Cy Twombly A Monograph

I give the prize to this 10 blogs
Capture the Castle
Dead- Fleurette
Heart in a cage
Her ribbons and her bows
Ballad of a thin girl
La flâneuse



For the next three days, I will be drawing at Centre Pompidou, Palais du Tokyo, Musée L'Art Moderne, Musée D'Orsay and Musée du Louvre with my art class. à bientôt!


Elle France

Heidi Mount for Elle France(tfs)

I immediately fell in love with these, perfect looks for this fall.


7 things on my mind

Marion Cotillard, perfect natural look

Caroline Issa

Isabel Marant jacket. Which is perfect but too expensive. I found a similar one at Esprit( yes I know not a really great store) but it looked exactly the same! The only thing that was totally wrong: the colour, it was in blue. I know, dark blue isn't bad but black looks just better with my other clothes.

Jil sander fall 2010/2011

Clémence at Chanel, a perfect look.

Franz Kline, great colours for fall.
Great jacket+scarf
Thank you for the reminder! It's Marina Rust Connor.
(sources: TFS, net-a-porter)


These songs that we sing

Well, I was thinking. I would like to know what you as 'my readers' listen to. I'm always so curious to the music everyone is listening to. I'm always searching for new music. For example: When I read an interview from a person I like, I always look for their music taste, like Charlotte gainsbourg.
Her play list:
Serge Gainsbourg Ballade de melody Nelson
Lou Reed perfect day
Elvis Love me tender
Radiohead A wolf at the door
Beatles I'm so tired
Bowie Soul love
Air playground love
Judy Garland over the rainbow
or Clémence Poésy, she listens to:
Tom Waits
Sophie Hunger
Sigur Ros
Marianne Faithfull
Serge Gainsbourg
Anne Sylvestre Les gens qui doutent
Patty Bravo La bambola
Leonard Cohen Suzanne
Loic Lantoine Tout est calme
Renaud Mistral gagnant
Iron and wine
So what is your favorite song, favorite band, favorite album etc.?



source TFS
I actually felt quite un inspired but Susan Cernek made everything right. She kept it simple but she gave it a special 'touch' with the scarf and the red blazer. You can compare it a little to my own style(although I don't wear red) but I'm pretty much always in jeans and flats.


Hanelli in green

I love the green Margiela coat. I think it is a great color for fall! I can't wait to wear my green sweater paired with my black skirt and black flats.

source: citizen couture


Paris shots


(Camille Claudel at Musée Rodin)


Bon soir Mademoiselle

Yesterday I was still in Paris and now I'm already back home looking at pictures from the wonderful trip. Paris is just one of the most inspiring city's in the world. A few highlights: Musée Eugene Delacroix, Jardin du Luxembourg et Saint-Germain de Prés. At first (before I actually was in Paris) I didn't want to go shopping because I already had buyed a lot during my summer vacation.But I just couldn't resist. So I think I can add something more to the list: The chloé- and repetto boutique, my new pair of heels and all the people who gave me this great inspiration for fall. Maybe I will post some pictures in my next post. Au revoir


The jeans

I'm off to Paris!



natasha poly in Vogue Paris July 07.
source: she is the Queen


Just for fun

Elisa Sednaoui. I love the way she looks in these photos! She looks serious in a funny way. Haha that sounds stupid.
These pictures are from the turnover fall collection. They use beautiful materials in the new collection. The black dress is perfect to wear(although the belt looks awful). I would like to wear the dress with flats or something. And what about that great cardigan? Looks lovely don't you think?
(source: TFS et turnover.com)



picture from her ribbons and her bows
From my family I received some money for my birthday and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to buy a good blouse.Sadly enough I didn't find a blouse( I did find the perfect green sweater a la Céline and a black jacket).
However I am looking for a good blouse for a while now and I still haven't found the perfect one. Has anyone a good suggestion where to buy a good blouse?



Calvin Klein


Stella McCartney

I'm probably quite early (because winter isn't even here yet) or too late (the fact that everyone is already focusing on spring 2011). But I still wanted to share these. They are my favourites from this season. When I first saw them, a few months ago I didn't think they were worth sharing. But I caught myself on still looking back at the Calvin Klein, Céline and Stella McCartney shows because they are wearable and give me inspiration for my own closet(buy investment pieces). I hope you still like it.



Peinture- Pierre Soulages
Eternal Love- Rodin

Study of Sky- Eugène Delacroix
(pictures from google)
This summer I am going to visit a museum in Paris with my family. I can choose which museum I want to visit. I have selected three museums. I can only choose one museum so maybe you can help me.
1) Centre Pompidou, Pierre Soulages Exhibition. The Centre Pompidou is putting on a large scale retrospective to celebrate the work of the greatest painter on the current French scene, Pierre Soulages. As he nears his 90th birthday, Soulages, the "painter of black and light", is recognised as one of abstract art's major figures.The exhibition looks back over more than 60 years of painting and offers a new reading of the artist's oeuvre, with the emphasis on the more recent developments in his work. The exhibition brings together over a hundred major works dating from 1946 to the present day, which display the dynamism and diversity of his constantly evolving approach.
2) Musée Rodin. The museum is housed in eighteenth-century mansion, called the Hôtel Biron. Rodin (1840-1917) lived and worked in this house from 1908 until his death. In The museum and surrounding garden can you see a large number of works by the famous sculptor. His most famous works are present here. Besides a large number of images, there are sketches, drawings and paintings by Rodin present. There is also an exhibition called corps et decors. Where about 150 items will be on display at the art space, including iconic pieces such as Rodin's The Gates of Hell and several vases, drawings and sculptures.
3) Musée Eugène Delacroix. Eugène Delacroix is numbered among the greatest and most influential of French painters. He is most often classified as an artist of the Romantic school. His best known painting is La Liberté guidant le peuple(which is in the Louvre museum). Musée Eugene Delacroix was once Delacroix’s home when he worked in nearby Saint Sulpice. It showcases works covering the greater part of the artist’s career and addresses many different themes. The artist’s apartment and studio are open to visitors, including a private garden just a stone’s throw from one of the most romantic spots in Paris, place Furstenberg.
(sources: parisinfo, centrepompidou, musée rodin)


Le Fils de L'épicier

Last weak I watched Le Fils de L'épicier. It is about a boy and a girl who live in Paris but they move to the Provence. Antoine(the boy) must assume the lifestyle he thought he had shed, because his father is ill. It is a good French movie, about love and the French countryside.

note: tomorrow is my Birthday!