For the next three days, I will be drawing at Centre Pompidou, Palais du Tokyo, Musée L'Art Moderne, Musée D'Orsay and Musée du Louvre with my art class. à bientôt!


Elle France

Heidi Mount for Elle France(tfs)

I immediately fell in love with these, perfect looks for this fall.


7 things on my mind

Marion Cotillard, perfect natural look

Caroline Issa

Isabel Marant jacket. Which is perfect but too expensive. I found a similar one at Esprit( yes I know not a really great store) but it looked exactly the same! The only thing that was totally wrong: the colour, it was in blue. I know, dark blue isn't bad but black looks just better with my other clothes.

Jil sander fall 2010/2011

Clémence at Chanel, a perfect look.

Franz Kline, great colours for fall.
Great jacket+scarf
Thank you for the reminder! It's Marina Rust Connor.
(sources: TFS, net-a-porter)


These songs that we sing

Well, I was thinking. I would like to know what you as 'my readers' listen to. I'm always so curious to the music everyone is listening to. I'm always searching for new music. For example: When I read an interview from a person I like, I always look for their music taste, like Charlotte gainsbourg.
Her play list:
Serge Gainsbourg Ballade de melody Nelson
Lou Reed perfect day
Elvis Love me tender
Radiohead A wolf at the door
Beatles I'm so tired
Bowie Soul love
Air playground love
Judy Garland over the rainbow
or Clémence Poésy, she listens to:
Tom Waits
Sophie Hunger
Sigur Ros
Marianne Faithfull
Serge Gainsbourg
Anne Sylvestre Les gens qui doutent
Patty Bravo La bambola
Leonard Cohen Suzanne
Loic Lantoine Tout est calme
Renaud Mistral gagnant
Iron and wine
So what is your favorite song, favorite band, favorite album etc.?