picture from her ribbons and her bows
From my family I received some money for my birthday and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to buy a good blouse.Sadly enough I didn't find a blouse( I did find the perfect green sweater a la Céline and a black jacket).
However I am looking for a good blouse for a while now and I still haven't found the perfect one. Has anyone a good suggestion where to buy a good blouse?



Calvin Klein


Stella McCartney

I'm probably quite early (because winter isn't even here yet) or too late (the fact that everyone is already focusing on spring 2011). But I still wanted to share these. They are my favourites from this season. When I first saw them, a few months ago I didn't think they were worth sharing. But I caught myself on still looking back at the Calvin Klein, Céline and Stella McCartney shows because they are wearable and give me inspiration for my own closet(buy investment pieces). I hope you still like it.



Peinture- Pierre Soulages
Eternal Love- Rodin

Study of Sky- Eugène Delacroix
(pictures from google)
This summer I am going to visit a museum in Paris with my family. I can choose which museum I want to visit. I have selected three museums. I can only choose one museum so maybe you can help me.
1) Centre Pompidou, Pierre Soulages Exhibition. The Centre Pompidou is putting on a large scale retrospective to celebrate the work of the greatest painter on the current French scene, Pierre Soulages. As he nears his 90th birthday, Soulages, the "painter of black and light", is recognised as one of abstract art's major figures.The exhibition looks back over more than 60 years of painting and offers a new reading of the artist's oeuvre, with the emphasis on the more recent developments in his work. The exhibition brings together over a hundred major works dating from 1946 to the present day, which display the dynamism and diversity of his constantly evolving approach.
2) Musée Rodin. The museum is housed in eighteenth-century mansion, called the Hôtel Biron. Rodin (1840-1917) lived and worked in this house from 1908 until his death. In The museum and surrounding garden can you see a large number of works by the famous sculptor. His most famous works are present here. Besides a large number of images, there are sketches, drawings and paintings by Rodin present. There is also an exhibition called corps et decors. Where about 150 items will be on display at the art space, including iconic pieces such as Rodin's The Gates of Hell and several vases, drawings and sculptures.
3) Musée Eugène Delacroix. Eugène Delacroix is numbered among the greatest and most influential of French painters. He is most often classified as an artist of the Romantic school. His best known painting is La Liberté guidant le peuple(which is in the Louvre museum). Musée Eugene Delacroix was once Delacroix’s home when he worked in nearby Saint Sulpice. It showcases works covering the greater part of the artist’s career and addresses many different themes. The artist’s apartment and studio are open to visitors, including a private garden just a stone’s throw from one of the most romantic spots in Paris, place Furstenberg.
(sources: parisinfo, centrepompidou, musée rodin)


Le Fils de L'épicier

Last weak I watched Le Fils de L'épicier. It is about a boy and a girl who live in Paris but they move to the Provence. Antoine(the boy) must assume the lifestyle he thought he had shed, because his father is ill. It is a good French movie, about love and the French countryside.

note: tomorrow is my Birthday!



Unbelievable. One of my favourite brands, named COS had these pictures on their website. I check their site once or twice a year so I might be a little late with these. But I wanted to show it anyway, because the weather here is extremely hot and then I think we all need a COS clothingpiece. We all know that their fabric is fantastic and somtimes when I wear my favourite grey top( from COS of couse), I feel like I'm not wearing anything. So isn't that what you really need in summer?

Second thing, I need to tell. I finally found the perfect name for my blog: En voyage.
I wanted a new name for a long time and this name is simple, basic and classic haha.
So what do you think?