Bonne Année


I wish all of you a lovely, healthy and happy new year!



(Zara skirt-pants-shoes, repetto flats, vanessa bruno blouse)

After all those years we finally have a white christmas. And now we finally have this white christmas, we can barely go outside. It is impossible to go to work, to travel. So now I'm obliged to stay at home. I spend my time watching movies, doing some homework and cleaning out my closet. I focus on the the things I want to save for. And maybe the weather will allow me to go to the COS sale to find some good basics for a friendly price. My List:
- a good skirt
- a pair of pants
- a blouse
- shoes, maybe some boots or brogues
- repetto flats. And a new bag, which is still impossible to find.

I wish all of you a Merry Christmas!


Fabrics for every day

take three simple pieces, with three different fabrics and voilà: you create an interesting look. This look also reminds me of the perfect shirt, (which I still haven't found)
combine good knit wear with some well made pants and une veste en velours for a chic look.

a really light fabric gives Clémence a soft touch.

images( zara, Elle France,TFS)
After two very busy weeks, I finally have some time to work on my blog.
In those two weeks, I had been very inspired by fabrics. I love the idea that fabrics can make a major impact on the feel you want to express with your clothes. It's amazing that one specific fabric can change or create a look.
Extra: Interview with Lucas Ossendrijver, the importance of fabric:
Scott Schuman: Before a show, how nervous are you that you’ve made the right decisions?
Lucas Ossendrijver: I’m somebody who doubts quite a lot. In the beginning of a season, I follow a certain intuition. For me, that’s the only thing I really trust. I start with a feeling, I start with an emotion; I have this dream in my head that I start to visualize and it’s all about communication. Whether it’s the team who works with me or whether it’s a fabric manufacturer, I try to explain what I want. With fabrics, for me, I really have to see them, I have to touch them and then I know whether they’re right or not.

SS: So you always start with fabric?
LO: Yes, and then I want to make the fabric speak. You have to find the right colours. Every fabric has its own colour and they’re all different. There’s never the same navy for every fabric. There are always tonal differences, which I think makes colour much richer in the end.

SS: Your colours are incredibly interesting and you don’t do typical colour combinations. I watch your runway shows and think, “Oh, wow, that’s great.” So it’s fabric, then colour?
LO: Then the shape at the same time, actually. It’s a bit like cooking: you have all of these ingredients and you sort of intuitively find the right way to make them work.
SS: Do you find that more freeing – that you can change from season to season because you don’t have one subscribed muse?
LO: I think it’s about men in general and what they need. Sometimes people need to wear a suit, sometimes people need to wear a warm winter coat. It’s about finding solutions that are individual – not standard.
(the sartorialist)
I couldn't more agree.