(style and the city)

(IM via Mommystyle?)

What I already bought:

- A dark blue blouse
- Dark blue jeans
- Black suede flats
- Black trenchcoat

- Denim blouse
- Black T shirt

What I need to buy:

(Joseph via Missmollcherie)
I really need a black skirt! It is almost impossible to find a simple skirt. It is like they don't make these skirts anymore, they all have the wrong colour, the wrong fabric or are too long.


- I bought a Vanessa Bruno cabas bag in black for when I travel or when I have to carry books. But I also need a bag for citytrips etc. It should not be too large but still big enough for my camera. The leather from this Zara bag is really great, though I still doubt about getting it. The price(99€) is a little too high for me at the moment. While I also want to invest in other pieces.

- New black blazer

- Black Blouse

- Black cachmere sweater

- Darkblue cardigan.

Four items I need , I can purchase at my work. I work at Strenesse and their basic items are really nice!

I know that my graduation and my eighteenth birthday this summer would be the perfect occassion to buy a really special piece, like the IM boots or Chanel flats.

But when I see the list above I know lots of other clothing needs to be replaced too and could be a great investment for my wardrobe because next year when I'm going to university, my budget will probably not be huge, so this should be the opportunity to invest. Ohooh I knew I wasn't good at this.