"a talent of such amazing scope and intensity".

BBC news:
Famed American painter Cy Twombly, who first found the limelight with his calligraphic paintings in the late 1950s, has died in Rome aged 83.
The Us artist was widely known for his abstract works that used oil paint, pencil and crayon to create repetitive lines and scribbles on canvas.
Mr Twombly also painted a ceiling in the Louvre Museum in Paris 2010.
A spokesman for the Gagosian Gallery confirmed Mr Twombly, who had cancer for several years, died on Tuesday.
Owner Larry Gagosian paid tribute to ´a talent of such amazing scope and intensity´.
´The art world has lost a true genius and a completely original talent and for those fortunate enough to know him, a great human being´, he said in a statement.
Cy Twombly, my favorite artist.



(style and the city)

(IM via Mommystyle?)

What I already bought:

- A dark blue blouse
- Dark blue jeans
- Black suede flats
- Black trenchcoat

- Denim blouse
- Black T shirt

What I need to buy:

(Joseph via Missmollcherie)
I really need a black skirt! It is almost impossible to find a simple skirt. It is like they don't make these skirts anymore, they all have the wrong colour, the wrong fabric or are too long.


- I bought a Vanessa Bruno cabas bag in black for when I travel or when I have to carry books. But I also need a bag for citytrips etc. It should not be too large but still big enough for my camera. The leather from this Zara bag is really great, though I still doubt about getting it. The price(99€) is a little too high for me at the moment. While I also want to invest in other pieces.

- New black blazer

- Black Blouse

- Black cachmere sweater

- Darkblue cardigan.

Four items I need , I can purchase at my work. I work at Strenesse and their basic items are really nice!

I know that my graduation and my eighteenth birthday this summer would be the perfect occassion to buy a really special piece, like the IM boots or Chanel flats.

But when I see the list above I know lots of other clothing needs to be replaced too and could be a great investment for my wardrobe because next year when I'm going to university, my budget will probably not be huge, so this should be the opportunity to invest. Ohooh I knew I wasn't good at this.


Ses vêtements

(image: tumblr)
First of all I want to thank all of my favorite bloggers(see the list, on the right) to keep me inspired during these very busy days. You all do a great job! I always love to read your style-related experiences.
My own latest experience has to do with the men's wardrobe, something I used to like only for men. A denim blouse. Which I have never thought of that it would suit my own style. But in fact, I like the contrast between two totally different kind of pieces. Like this lovely men on the picture, it is easy to wear underneath a blazer. You look chic but not overdressed.
While I'm a woman who(because of her curves) sometimes needs to highlight her feminine figure, the men's wardrobe(and the idea behind it) has always been very interesting to me.

A few key elements to build your own men's wardrobe:
1. A suit (navy or gray) - Even if you only need a suit a couple of times a year, you're glad to have it on hand when those occasions arise. Navy or gray suits are classic and neutral and can be dressed up or down. You can even wear the blazer with khakis or jeans. This is an item worth spending some money on.
2. Black shoes and belt - These can be worn with jeans and your suit. This is an essential combo. Before buying brown, get black. I think you will find you get more mileage out of them, especially when attending more formal or evening functions.
3. White dress shirt (good for day and night occasions) - White dress shirts look good on just about everybody. They look sharp and are versatile but should not to be worn as a casual shirt.
4. Blue blazer - A blue blazer is good for all year round and easily coordinates with pants and other items. If that bores you, try a tweed sport coat but also keep in mind that tweed is really only useful in fall and winter. Either way a blazer or tweed sport coat holds a look together.
5. Jeans - No explanation necessary here.
6. Overcoat - An overcoat doesn't necessarily mean a long coat. It also means 3/4-length or car coat length. This item really finishes an outfit and can be worn with everything including jeans. And everyone needs a coat in winter, right?
7. Briefcase - A briefcase does not necessarily mean a hard case. It can be soft, or messenger bag style. In a man is has to carry files and other documents, this is an essential.
8. Athletic wear - Even for non-athletic types, athletic wear is great for those lazy Sundays and dashes to the convenience store at wee hours of the morning.
9. Casual shirt - A casual shirt is a must have to wear with jeans or other casual pants.
10. Deconstructed suit - A deconstructed suit is great because it has a relaxed look but is pulled together.
A word of advice: start simple and expand according to lifestyle. Classics don't mean boring.
(via Kim Johnson Gross for mensfashion)

(image: vanessa jackman)
And if the men's wardrobe doesn't work for you, you can always wear a denim blouse in a feminine way like Anouck Lepere.



I've been feeling very uninspired lately, all I'm doing is schoolwork so I don't really have a chance to find some new interesting things to post on this blog. But..
It's a good thing you can always go back to the classics, which is why I thought, I had to post these pictures from lagarconne. They give me the feeling that I don't need super fantastic things to look good everyday. The simple things, they make it.



A little editorial I found in a one year old ELLE magazine made me remember why a few strong pieces can make a big impact on your style and that sadly these pieces are very hard to find. Because every potential garment goes through a personal screening test before buying, the only piece(where I'm satisfied of) is the boy blazer.

But I do have my eye on a white blouse and slouchy pair of trousers so who knows.

*what do you think of a denim blouse? I like the diversity of it, casual or chic.


The new colour

(source: caroline)

While I'm wearing lots of black lately, the new spring collections make me want to wear something different, some other colours. I have been loving the light blue colour for years but the perfect shirt hasn't come along yet. I'm impressed with the colour palet of the new line from The Row. Long live simplicity!

aah I made a little mistake. This isn't a preview of the spring collection but already the pre fall collection. I still think the colours are great to wear in spring. But apparently we can enjoy it in fall too.


Through the years

Fall 2006
Spring 2007
Spring 2007
Fall 2008
Fall 2010

Some of my favorite Jil Sander looks. I like the fact that Raf always experiments with fabrics and shapes but still keeps the looks simple and clean.

Inside my bag

It's been a while ago but the lovely Fleurette tagged me to do a post about my bag. Lately I carry around this old leather bag. Though I don't wear this bag to school(I don't really like my schoolbag, still need to find a new one), it is very practical. Though this post should have been much more interesting but I don't like to carry lots of things with me. I don't like a heavy bag. So what do I carry in my bag?
- My wallet, which is quite old. But I just do not spend much money on wallets.
- My mobile phone
- Ipod, I'm lost without it.
- Keys
- Dayplanner, where I write almost everything in. I also have a notebook but I only carry it with me in my large tote.
- Lipstick
- And I am currently learning myself to speak Italian, so I carry a language pocketbook with me.