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Elisa Sednaoui. I love the way she looks in these photos! She looks serious in a funny way. Haha that sounds stupid.
These pictures are from the turnover fall collection. They use beautiful materials in the new collection. The black dress is perfect to wear(although the belt looks awful). I would like to wear the dress with flats or something. And what about that great cardigan? Looks lovely don't you think?
(source: TFS et turnover.com)

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Ingrid (Garments and Gardens) zei

yes, I think the materials turnover is using are great, I specially love the third one but the cardigan is also a piece of clothing I want, specially for autumn days. The dress, I like it too, and I will also wear it with flats.


Great collection. That black dress is sublime. Elisa Sednaoui, she's my girl crush atm!


great photos! come follow me xoxo

DollHouse zei

I went to Doll House to get my dress and they promised they would get it in. I was so upset when they didn’t come through for me so I went Sassy Boutique. They were able to get my dress within three 3 days. They had wonderful customer service and nothing was a problem for them. I really appreciated the effort they made to make my night memorable. i will never go to dollhouse again.

Fashion Accessory zei

Such a lovely soft and cool look! You're beautiful :)