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The last couple of months I've been searching for the perfect bag. But to find the perfect bag is a hard job. Lots of bags aren't practical at all, or the price is too high for a student like me. I like these too bags from Zara, they go with everything, but then again the problem is that the quality isn't good at all, for a price that is high for Zara. I was wondering, in Paris I see le cabas from Vanessa Bruno all the time. It is the right size, the quality seems good and it looks nice. But what do you think, as my readers with a good sense of style, of the bag? I just don't know what to think of it. I need a second opinion. (Lately I look at any kinds of bags, so that might explain this curiosity)

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Anoniem zei

I also have my eyes on the Zara clutch for quite some time now. I haven't seen it in stores yet, so I can't tell whether it's well made or not. But I bought a black, simple handbag 2 months ago (also from Zara) and I am very satisfied with my purchase. The leather is genuine and soft and the lining is really good, too. I paid 100 €, which is a reasonable price I think, though maybe a little bit too high for Zara stuff?. That was my second handbag I purchased from Zara. The first one was an Alexander Wang Rocco Duffle inspired faux-leather handbag, which I totally regretted buying. The bag had no lining, the studs fell out, though I rarely used the bag and the straps eventually ripped, so that I ended up selling the bag on ebay.
Anyway, I think it depends on the bag. Not all handbags from Zara are poorly made... just most of them HAHA.

koko // res pulchrae zei

i have one - the medium size, and i love it! it holds quite a lot and it's very sturdy. i'm not very delicate with it - i just toss it around, but it's still in great condition and the sequins are all in place. i would love a leather one!

the only drawback is that the top is completely open - paranoid new yorker that i am, i always feel like someone can just reach in easily! could just be me though.

i know they have versions with longer shoulder straps, that might be more practical if you have to lug around books and stuff.

eternelmode zei

Agreed. I tend to buy a new simple brown faux leather bag for school every fall,because I'm just cheap and I know it will only last me the year. But I really want is a Black Mulberry Bayswater and its taken me years to find something I truly like and will wear all the time. Now to start saving!

I do love the black clutch! That's on my wishlist for right now. But I would say if you don't like the quality of the Zara, then keep looking.Good luck!

Robin zei

@anonymous: that's not great to hear. You don't expect a bag like that, to have such bad quality. Especially because of the price.
Well, my problem is that I know someone who has a smilar bag from Zara. And after a year, the bag doesn't really look that good anymore.

@koko: I know what you mean. That is a disadvantage. But the bag looks so cool haha!

@eternelmode: I guess I'm still searching for my perfect bag. But I heard the quality of a mulberry bag is quite good!

hannah-rose zei

im searching for my perfect bag too.. im not good with shoulder bags, i prefer a slightly longer strap, or perhaps both, a long strap and then a short one for the crook of my arm.. currently my three favourites are the sofia coppola LV ones (not in my price range AT ALL haha), the mulbery bayswaters, and the proenza schouler ps1.. ah... if only i had unlimited funds!


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Wardrobe Dreaming zei

I really like the Vanessa Bruno bag. Another posted mentioned the top not being able to zip up. This could be a problem in bad weather.

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