The new colour

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While I'm wearing lots of black lately, the new spring collections make me want to wear something different, some other colours. I have been loving the light blue colour for years but the perfect shirt hasn't come along yet. I'm impressed with the colour palet of the new line from The Row. Long live simplicity!

aah I made a little mistake. This isn't a preview of the spring collection but already the pre fall collection. I still think the colours are great to wear in spring. But apparently we can enjoy it in fall too.

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Style Odyssey zei

something tells me that pale, icy blue will be very big for spring.

alas, the color doesn't like me much, tends to wash me out. (i rarely wear color anyway).

however, i can get away with pale blue on my nails (hello, Chanel "Riva"! a sublime hue).

Victoria no tiene Secretos zei

great look!
kisses from argentina!

Anoniem zei

This is a great look indeed. I think I'll include the blue shirt in my Spring wishlist, it is such a versatile piece:

Robin zei

@ Style Odyssey I have kind of the same problem. The light blue colour only looks good on me with something black. But I don't think that is a bad combination haha.

onlycoolcats zei

I saw the entire collection and have to admit it's gorgeous:the color palette,tailoring and simple,elegant shoes-flats.

Anoniem zei


marzena zei

if if had to pick one look from the most recent the row collection, i would have picked this one. it is so simple and yet...perfect.

Hanna zei

I love the colours in this collection, too, but the cut of the suit is severe (have no other word for it, really)

Miss Mary zei


Dylana Suarez zei

Gorgeous look!



Meri zei

I love the colour combination, it is light and fresh but it doesn't scream bold colours in your face. Something like this would definitely look nice in the spring/summer, still keeps it chic and simple. It doesn't always have to be black and white :) I'm hoping to somehow incorporate this look and the colours into my style.

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OH my! that was really fab.=D

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H Fashion zei

Wonderful outfit,the color looks great.

Vogue Sky zei

the colors look delight and am sure the outfit would be just as great.

Ivga Stark zei

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