A little editorial I found in a one year old ELLE magazine made me remember why a few strong pieces can make a big impact on your style and that sadly these pieces are very hard to find. Because every potential garment goes through a personal screening test before buying, the only piece(where I'm satisfied of) is the boy blazer.

But I do have my eye on a white blouse and slouchy pair of trousers so who knows.

*what do you think of a denim blouse? I like the diversity of it, casual or chic.

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asha zei

The white shirt is one of the hardest pieces to find. This editorial is gorgeous! I can't find a pair of slouchy trousers that work for me, might be my body type unfortunately :(

Robin zei

@Asha, I know exactly what you mean! Curves? It is soo hard to find a good pair of trousers. Lots of trousers just don't work for me. I think the only option for me is a simple (straight leg) pair of pants, but of course it is hard too find.

Style Odyssey zei

I recently found a pair of slouchy harem(!) knit pants in black. I never thought I'd buy a pair; they're definitely a statement item that will add a bit of dark drama to my outfits.
I'm sure with a bit of sleuthing, you'll find your perfect slouchy trousers!
Denim shirt = definitely yes, IF it's plain (no weird embellishment that I keep seeing). The one you've featured here looks just right.

Amd zei

I can only say YES for the Denim shirt but it has to be simple and in a good denim. All those pieces are so hard to find, well cut, just made for our body, good qualities ; but they are eternal if you find the good ones.

maverick diva zei

i love this editorial, im sure you can find other pieces for cheap somewhere else. try zara! they've got slouchy trousers on sale, and for like 30 bucks full price

lin zei

Elle did this sort of basic everyday styling so well, I wish they would bring it back.

I love a denim or chambray shirt when it's worn with smart things - under a jacket, with cigarette pants, under a nice sweater or cardigan - it feels a bit more unexpected. You have the casual workman vibe but it still looks very pulled together.

Milly zei

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Brad Fallon zei

I love the editorial!

Bailey Hospodor zei

Love the white blouse with the thigh high boots! Very classic!


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vogue-sky zei

Beautiful photo - and count me in!

Fashion Territory zei

This is really fun. Got some of my favorite bloggers on the list. Got my eye on your blog.