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First of all I want to thank all of my favorite bloggers(see the list, on the right) to keep me inspired during these very busy days. You all do a great job! I always love to read your style-related experiences.
My own latest experience has to do with the men's wardrobe, something I used to like only for men. A denim blouse. Which I have never thought of that it would suit my own style. But in fact, I like the contrast between two totally different kind of pieces. Like this lovely men on the picture, it is easy to wear underneath a blazer. You look chic but not overdressed.
While I'm a woman who(because of her curves) sometimes needs to highlight her feminine figure, the men's wardrobe(and the idea behind it) has always been very interesting to me.

A few key elements to build your own men's wardrobe:
1. A suit (navy or gray) - Even if you only need a suit a couple of times a year, you're glad to have it on hand when those occasions arise. Navy or gray suits are classic and neutral and can be dressed up or down. You can even wear the blazer with khakis or jeans. This is an item worth spending some money on.
2. Black shoes and belt - These can be worn with jeans and your suit. This is an essential combo. Before buying brown, get black. I think you will find you get more mileage out of them, especially when attending more formal or evening functions.
3. White dress shirt (good for day and night occasions) - White dress shirts look good on just about everybody. They look sharp and are versatile but should not to be worn as a casual shirt.
4. Blue blazer - A blue blazer is good for all year round and easily coordinates with pants and other items. If that bores you, try a tweed sport coat but also keep in mind that tweed is really only useful in fall and winter. Either way a blazer or tweed sport coat holds a look together.
5. Jeans - No explanation necessary here.
6. Overcoat - An overcoat doesn't necessarily mean a long coat. It also means 3/4-length or car coat length. This item really finishes an outfit and can be worn with everything including jeans. And everyone needs a coat in winter, right?
7. Briefcase - A briefcase does not necessarily mean a hard case. It can be soft, or messenger bag style. In a man is has to carry files and other documents, this is an essential.
8. Athletic wear - Even for non-athletic types, athletic wear is great for those lazy Sundays and dashes to the convenience store at wee hours of the morning.
9. Casual shirt - A casual shirt is a must have to wear with jeans or other casual pants.
10. Deconstructed suit - A deconstructed suit is great because it has a relaxed look but is pulled together.
A word of advice: start simple and expand according to lifestyle. Classics don't mean boring.
(via Kim Johnson Gross for mensfashion)

(image: vanessa jackman)
And if the men's wardrobe doesn't work for you, you can always wear a denim blouse in a feminine way like Anouck Lepere.

30 opmerkingen:

Natalie Suarez zei

i LOVE the denim shirt! :)


Ginta zei

It's so simple in men's world! :) It's 10 essentials but it actually covers everything! There's no need for anything else! Besides, men always get everything in better quality!

Michelle zei

Hello! It's a very elegant outfit! I just love your blog.

Kisses and hugs from Brazil :)


If you follow me, I'll follow you back.


Alice Olive zei

I love a denim shirt with black. Love your list here, too. I think incorporating a few masculine pieces looks great on a woman. Stylish and simple.

I am your lung zei

Ik denk dat heel erg veel meisjes van zo'n modecarrière droomden en waarschijnlijk zijn er nu nog steeds ontzettend veel meisjes die een vertroebeld beeld hebben over wat werken in de mode-industrie werkelijk betekent. Gelukkig hebben we onze 'fout' op tijd ingezien ;-)

Wat betreft jouw post: hoezeer ik ook graag wat mannelijkere items combineer met mijn andere kledingstukken, toch slaag ik er nooit om er een tikkeltje 'androgyn' of iets dergelijks uit te zien. Komt waarschijnlijk door mijn te aanwezige boezem haha!
(En helaas ben ik geen fan van denim blouses)

Robin zei

@ I am your lung: haha gelukkig wel ja, !

Ik vind dat zelf ook altijd heel moeilijk! Door mijn 'vrouwelijke' vormen ziet dat er altijd heel anders uit. Maar ik probeer wel tegenwoordig om me aan de basis ideeen te houden. Het ziet er gelukkig toch nog eenvoudig en klassiek uit. Misschien dan toch nog vrouwelijk, maar dat vind ik niet erg!

Anoniem zei

I love denim shirts! I wear a lot of men's style clothes, 'cause I really like that kind of style, a bit inspired by Patti Smith :)
But I also love the feminine look of Anouck, her hat is so cute, she looks totally gorgeous.
Oh and thanks for including my blog on that list you've made ;)

kisses dear!

featherfactor zei

What a thoughtful post and I love Anouk's look! The leather skirt and the fur + the men's shirt is such a sexy but understated look. Thank you for sharing!


Ane Sunde zei

I love your list, and I find a lot of inspiration from men. My latest purchase was a light blue, "denim" (cotton...) shirt. I've never thought a denimshirt would fit me, but I guess I was wrong. I'm wearing it under a black, wool v-neck sweater, and I love it! Ps, I've added you to my blogroll :)

hannah-rose zei

wow! i'd never seen that anouck lepere outfit.. that fur collar is fantastic, and with the leathe,r the denim, the peachy pink hat.. what a wonderful look.

that's definitely very inspiring!


Lindsay K zei

I like the simplicity of menswear. I adore your blog by the way:)

Robin zei

@ane sunde: under a black wool sweater, a great combination! Thank you!

@Lindsay K, Merci! I also really like your blog!

Ashley zei

I love your blog! I hope we'll still hear from you in the future:)
You have a new follower

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