These songs that we sing

Well, I was thinking. I would like to know what you as 'my readers' listen to. I'm always so curious to the music everyone is listening to. I'm always searching for new music. For example: When I read an interview from a person I like, I always look for their music taste, like Charlotte gainsbourg.
Her play list:
Serge Gainsbourg Ballade de melody Nelson
Lou Reed perfect day
Elvis Love me tender
Radiohead A wolf at the door
Beatles I'm so tired
Bowie Soul love
Air playground love
Judy Garland over the rainbow
or Clémence Poésy, she listens to:
Tom Waits
Sophie Hunger
Sigur Ros
Marianne Faithfull
Serge Gainsbourg
Anne Sylvestre Les gens qui doutent
Patty Bravo La bambola
Leonard Cohen Suzanne
Loic Lantoine Tout est calme
Renaud Mistral gagnant
Iron and wine
So what is your favorite song, favorite band, favorite album etc.?

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heart in a cage zei

die foto van Laetitia is zo leuk!
mijn twee absoluut favoriete bands zijn the libertines en the smiths. maar ik houd ook van the beatles, radiohead, patti smith, the kinks, the strokes, joy division, coldplay, (oude) kings of leon etc.

Filip Demuinck zei

Leuke blog

kratosellas zei


Anoniem zei

Wow that photo is so beautiful! Laetitia is such a gorgeous woman (L)
And it's nice to see that Charlotte likes "Perfect Day" that's my favorite song ever. I love Lou Reed's voice and the lyrics of that song, and the piano, and the sweet melody it's perfect for me.
Apart from that one, other songs that I love are: "Love will tear us apart" from Joy Division, "There is a light that never goes out" from The Smiths, "Lover's Spit" from Feist (a cover of the Broken Social Scene's original one), "Heroes" from David Bowie, "Unsatisfied" from The Replacements, and "Wild Horses" from The Rolling Stones ;)


Alexandra zei

I too love seeing what other music influences people! For me Bob Dylan, Bob Dylan and more Bob Dylan. Neil Young, Karen Dalton, Leonard Cohen, Serge Gainsbourg, Patti Smith, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Francoise Hardy.. the list goes on!


mmr zei

mijn muzieksmaak wisselt elke maand, maar enkele constanten zijn coldplay, kings of leon, sigur ros, the strokes, phoenix en muse. favoriete nummers heb ik uiteraard ook: black velvet van alannah myles, thunderstruck van ac/dc, arizona van KoL, glosoli van sigur ros, how it ends van devotchka (momenteel wreed gekaapt door een of andere vervelende reclame), light my fire van the doors en zo kan ik nog oneindig lang doorgaan :p

lavelle zei

I agree!

My favourites: Bon Iver, Nick Drake, The Phantom Band, The Doors, Wild Beasts, Bowie, Joy Division, Velvet Underground, Beth Jeans Houghton, The Pixies, Caribou, Plank!, Animal Collective, Grizzly Bear, Smashing Pumpkins, The Smiths.... I could go on and on


vv zei

the kooks;)

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Robin zei

Thanks for all the answers! I love seeing music from my readers. Very inspiring. But I must say you all listen to different things than me. But I do like Sigur Ros,Leonard Cohen, Serge Gainsbourg and of course Charlotte. X

Anoniem zei

I do like Leonard Cohen and Serge/Charlotte Gainsbourg too, you have really great taste in music ;)

Amanda zei

Ahh I love Suzanne by Cohen, great list here!

Amanda (http://petite-dejeuner.blogspot.com


Charlotte, j'adore


Prêt à Porter P zei

My music taste ranges, but the cds I always keep in the car are: These New Puritans - Beat Pyramid, These New Puritans - Hidden, Aaliyah - Aaliyah, and Inception soundtrack. They are the same difference to me.

DollHouse zei

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Vogue World zei

I really love Suzanne by Cohen, great post here!