Le Fils de L'épicier

Last weak I watched Le Fils de L'épicier. It is about a boy and a girl who live in Paris but they move to the Provence. Antoine(the boy) must assume the lifestyle he thought he had shed, because his father is ill. It is a good French movie, about love and the French countryside.

note: tomorrow is my Birthday!

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Briana Laemel zei

looks good... wish I could understand what they're saying!

Happy birthday!

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Glamour Bbey. zei

Damn that bot is hot!

& Happy birthday!

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Not a Paper Cup zei

Beautiful blog! .....and happy birthday by the looks of things :)

Lauren zei

Happy B´day! My teacher French told me about this movie, but I didn´t know the name of it. So thank you very, very much!
xx Lauren

Fashion Up To Date zei

Happy birthday to your blog.