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Stella McCartney

I'm probably quite early (because winter isn't even here yet) or too late (the fact that everyone is already focusing on spring 2011). But I still wanted to share these. They are my favourites from this season. When I first saw them, a few months ago I didn't think they were worth sharing. But I caught myself on still looking back at the Calvin Klein, Céline and Stella McCartney shows because they are wearable and give me inspiration for my own closet(buy investment pieces). I hope you still like it.

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Fleurette zei

Thanks for commenting on my blog.

Answer: Yes. And the editorials are like.. soft-porn or something. What's the point in nude photos in fashion magazines where the focus should be on the clothes? Most articles are boring, not inspirational and just crap packed with pr and ads, not fashion journalism.

Calvin Klein, Celine and McCartney are genius. Although I'm not fond of summer collections, these aren't much spring/summer fashion but simply beautiful collections of basic, sharp garments with beautiful silhouettes.

Fleurette zei

Ops, it sounds like I meant the photos you posted is summer collections but I meant that these designers makes clothes that are appropriate for all the seasons.

Robin zei

Yes I know. That's another reason why I love these brands. You can wear the clothes every season. They don't go out of fashion. They are classics.

Miss Moll Cherie zei

I guess we do have similar taste! I absolutely adore this Stella McCartney collection. I honestly think I could wear the last outfit for the rest of my life and be totally happy. And of course...Celine, whats not to love!

Love your blog :)

Ivania zei

zo mooi minimalistisch!

Ingrid (Garments and Gardens) zei

Hello! Well I think is kind of ideal you showing us the collection, or at least I see it that way because is good for getting ready on what to wear in autumn and winter, because if you think of it... is kind of near. And I don't know if it is too late to help you pick a museum from the last post, but if it isn't I'll say: Musée Rodin. Good luck on your trip to Paris. My best wishes

Anoniem zei

Love the black dress that Sasha is wearing and the ones from Stella are really beautiful, specially the last one is perfect (L)


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DollHouse zei

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